So you might have a plumbing problem, but you’re not sure if it’s necessary to call a plumber for it. If you’re wondering what signs you need to look for to call a plumber, below you’ll find a list of plumbing issues, ranging from the small, inconvenient things, to the bigger problems that can constitute an emergency. 

Constantly leaking taps and faucets

leaking faucets

In theory, you may be able to fix leaking taps and faucets yourself if you have a little bit of knowledge. But if you have a busy day-to-day, often these leaks go unaddressed for weeks, even months on end. Even if your tap only drips about 10 times per minute, over time that adds up to you paying for an additional 1900 liters of water per year. And it’s not just a simple tightening that fixes all leaks – sometimes there’s an issue in water pressure, or a crack in the pipes that only a plumber can address.

There’s no hot water

No Hot Water

Ice cold showers are always a nasty surprise, and if you find that your hot water system isn’t heating up your water at all, it can be a great inconvenience for you and your family. It’s better to hire a Quinns Rocks Plumber who services your suburb to ensure a speedy return to normally functioning water heaters!

Your water heater is weeping, rusty, or showing signs of corrosion

Water Heater Corrosion

This is usually a sign that your heater is leaking, whether from the pipes or in its casing. When left unaddressed, this can lead to bigger, more expensive issues to fix. Plumbers will not only be able to figure out the source of the issue and fix it, but they should also be checking for electrical issues or gas leaks depending on your water heater system, as this can be the source of the issue both at the time of inspection and down the line.

There’s little to no water pressure

No Water Pressure

It can be frustrating when there is no water pressure in your plumbing, and usually means that there is an issue in the pipes. It could be a blockage, sediment build-up, or worse, cracked or broken pipes in the system that can lead to further damage if left unchecked.

There’s no water at all

No Water At All

This can be extremely inconvenient, and if you are the only one in your neighbourhood without water, it can be enough reason for calling an emergency Quinns Rocks plumber. With these instances, it’s usually the case that something significant has gone wrong, like major leaks, blockages, or issues with the water main.

Your toilet continues to overflow

Toilet Overflow

If your toilet is clogged and you can see a physical obstruction, it’s usually an easy fix. But if there’s nothing there and it continues to overflow, you may have to consult a plumber to assess the issue, especially if it occurs regularly and often. There may be an issue with the drainage pipes, the toilet’s inner system itself, or a blockage that cannot be fixed by mere plunging.

The drains are clogged and won’t drain

Blocked Drains

Much like a toilet, you can use a plunger on blocked drains to remove obstructions. But sometimes this method does not work, and you’ll need to call a plumber to sort out whatever is blocking your drains. They have specialised tools like cameras to use in pipes to figure out what is clogging your drains, and it’ll not only help them remove the obstruction permanently, but help you figure out how to prevent it in the future – whether it’s sediment, hair build-up, grease, or even roots in the plumbing system.