The plumbers and gas fitters at Alkimos Plumbing and Gas are highly skilled and carry years of expertise in blocked drains and camera inspections.

Are your pipes slow to drain and are continuously backing up? People usually turn a blind eye to these problems until the damage becomes visible and expensive to repair.

Camera inspections of pipelines have become an asset in the field of plumbing and as technology evolves, so do the cameras. Our expert plumbers in Perth’s Northern Suburbs are fully trained to use this technology to find issues in underground pipework.

Endoscopy is a technique in which examines the inside or hollow cavity of drains and is used to identify an obstructed or faulty segment of pipes. It is used to check the condition of the pipelines and provides the plumber with a thorough diagnosis by providing a video representation of the drainage pipes at that present time.

Using a camera inspection service saves you money by locating the exact point of the source of the problem instead of needing to dig up your garden and paving to do so. If you are having repetitive blocked drain issues this will give you precise reasoning as to why and makes it possible to intervene at the exact location of the defect. Ensuring that drain repairs can be fixed with minimum mess and upheaval necessary.

Whatever the case is – root intrusion, a broken pipe or simply a blocked pipe, having one of our plumbers carry out camera inspection, gives you peace of mind that it is being done so in an efficient, non-invasive and cost-efficient manner.


How does a camera inspection or endoscopy work for blocked drains?


Our very experienced plumbers in Perth’s Northern Suburbs are efficient in finding the cause – leaks, sanitary and wipe products and root intrusions and sand build-up, usually the culprits of blocked drains.

Using a camera which is very flexible and connected to a screen by an optical fibre cable that is meters long, effective drain inspection is possible. Check how our plumbers do it –


  • The camera is introduced into a pipe and while the camera travels down, it films continuously, possible with the use of lighting and video.
  • This video of the drainpipe is transmitted on a screen, allowing a clear visual of the state of the underground pipe network.
  • This great advance in technology makes it possible to examine in detail the interior of a sandstone, PVC or concrete pipe, without having to dig it up.
  • We are able to visualise the problem and pinpoint the exact location thanks to the internal transmitter.


A targeted repair can then be completed, solving the blocked drain problem. A problem diagnosed early enough avoids significant consequences down the track. Our plumbing camera inspection specialists in Perth insist that the drains are cleaned with a high pressure drain machine before they inspect with the camera so that the image is clear.

If you’re looking for a trusted, reputable and affordable plumber for blocked drains, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly team at Alkimos Plumbing and Gas. Call us today for a free quote!