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Specialists in Hot Water Repair, Service and Replacement.


We provide hot water services for domestic and commercial properties in Perth.

A broken or inefficient hot water system can cause a lot of inconvenience to your everyday life. With over 10 years of experience in the plumbing industry, our technicians offer a full range of hot water solutions to Perth homes and businesses. These include servicing, repairs and maintenance.

Whether you need professional hot water system repairs or your unit is due for a maintenance check, our reliable hot water plumbers are here to help. Our tradesmen have years of experience with all types of hot water systems, enabling them to provide exceptional service with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We believe in giving you value for your money with reliable services you can count on. With same-day and emergency hot water repairs in Perth and surrounding suburbs, we can quickly get your system up and running again.

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Gas and Electric Hot Water System Repairs and Maintenance Experts in Perth

A good quality hot water system installed by an expert can last you 8 to 12 years. However, the key is to ensure regular maintenance and servicing by certified and licensed plumbers, like the team at Alkimos Plumbing and Gas. This will help you to avoid costly repairs and any untimely replacements of your unit.

You can schedule automatic appointments as per your system’s maintenance schedule or book an appointment at your convenience.

If you are dealing with an inefficient gas or electric hot water system, our team can closely inspect and identify the fault and provide the best possible solution to restore its efficiency. We offer affordable hot water repair near you, with personalised customer care services.

As part of our hot water repairs, we can:

Our plumbers are fully licensed and certified. Once our workers are onsite, they keep you informed and updated throughout the process so that you’re always in the loop. We aim to give you a complete service that leaves no room for complaints. Our hot water maintenance services check all the taps and hoses inside your water tank to ensure they are working properly.

Choose only the best for your home or business with our professional hot water plumbers and gas fitters in Perth.

As soon as your hot water system starts showing signs of a problem or you need to install a new hot water system at your property, just give us a call.

Anode Rod Replacement

All water heaters contain an anode rod inside their storage tanks. The purpose of this rod is to keep the tank safe against corrosion. If not replaced in time, the heating tank will start to corrode leaving you with a much bigger problem. Our hot water repair specialists recommend replacing the anode rod biannually to save your tank from rust and deterioration.

TPR Valve Repair

Hot water systems with storage tanks have TPR valves. These are safety devices that prevent your system from exploding due to overheating. If your TPR valve is corroded or seized and fails to perform its function, the heating tank can explode at any time. If you are not ready to take this risk, make sure to have your hot water system thoroughly checked by our Perth plumbers.

How to Identify if Your Hot Water System is Due for a Service

If you come across any of these signs, then it’s time for a hot water system repair:

Hot water technicians at Alkimos Plumbing and Gas will quickly respond to your call and carry out any necessary repairs to your system. If we feel your hot water system is unsafe for further use, we’ll recommend a suitable replacement and provide an obligation-free quote.

You can completely rely on us for all major and minor hot water system repairs in Perth.

Safe and Reliable Hot Water Systems Perth

Hot water system repairs involve working close to blistering hot water and require specialised training and professional equipment to avoid accidents. Your safety and security is our primary concern. This is why we recommend hiring only a trusted hot water technician who follows current industry standards and takes all necessary safety measures while installing or fixing your unit.

Hot Water Installation Services

Apart from offering solar, electric, and gas hot water system repairs in Perth, we provide supply and installation services for your new water heater. Our hot water technicians can make the process simple and stress-free for you. We can guide you about the brands and the size of your new hot water system. Along with the manufacturer’s warranty, we also provide a one-year service warranty on all hot water units we install. Our experience with gas and electric water systems and gas fittings allows us to handle the entire installation process with ease and proficiency.

You can rest assured that when our specialists install your system, there will be no faults at our end. There will be no messy wiring and recurring issues like your hot water running cold or the autopilot light blinking. We also provide ongoing technical support and service before and after installation.

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