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Bathroom Renovation In Hillarys, WA

Project Duration: 3 Months | Alkimos Plumbing and Gas
Bathroom renovations can be a great way to give your WA home a brand-new makeover, as they help improve the value, functionality, and aesthetic of your place. Rusty and leaky bathroom fixtures are not just inconvenient, but also bring quite an embarrassment to homeowners in front of their guests. Here is a case study of a bathroom renovation we completed for residents of Hillarys.


Dealing with the same concerns as above, Shae Cromb from Hillarys WA engaged Alkimos Plumbing and Gas for a complete home bathroom renovation. Her family was coming to visit her from overseas, so she wanted to have a nice and cosy bathroom all set up before their arrival.

Have a look at how we created her dream bathroom after thorough planning and 3 months of patience and hard work.

Installed bathtub during bathroom renovation
installed wall mirror in bathroom makeover


We carried out the entire project in two phases.

In the first phase, our bathroom renovators removed the old bathroom fixtures and roughed-in new water and drain pipes. Then came a long gap where the bathroom tile installation was unexpectedly delayed due to Covid restrictions. Once the tiling was done, we visited for the second time and completed the installation of sanitary appliances according to the client’s requirements.


Initially, we did not expect the project to take this long, but we couldn’t proceed to complete it until the tile-work was done. However, we still managed to finish the bathroom renovation before the client’s family arrived.
installed wall mount bathroom vanity

If We Could Start This Project From The Beginning, What Would We Have Done Differently?

While we have done a considerable number of bathroom renovations in Hillarys and surrounding suburbs, every project holds a new learning experience for us.

The only inconvenience that we faced here was the unnecessary delay in the tiling installation, which caused the entire project to take much longer than we had anticipated. So we would have probably worked on getting a more accurate timeline from the tiler. This would have made the entire project less stressful for the client and also for our team members.

On Completion Of The Job, What Are We Most Proud Of?

The final outcome of this project left us and the client awestruck. She was happy and excited to welcome her guests to her freshly furnished bathroom, and seeing our client all satisfied made the entire effort worth it. The high quality of workmanship was visible from the beautiful aesthetics of the new bathroom design. And one could never guess it was all done in such a limited budget.
At Alkimos Plumbing and Gas, we have a solution for all your plumbing needs, regardless of the size and complexity of the project. Whether you want to renovate your bathroom, or your kitchen needs some new plumbing fixtures, we can do it all with ease.