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Durable and Cost Effective Toilet Upgrades Available - All Makes and Models

We change your old or broken toilets with modern, high efficiency fixtures.

Our licensed and experienced plumbers are available for toilet system replacement in commercial and residential properties all through Perth and the surrounding areas.

If you have an old toilet that is cracked, leaking or getting persistent blockages, then it may be time to replace the unit. For toilets that need frequent repairs, or those that need many components changed at once, we can provide an upgrade.

Our services cover basic replacements, as well as upgrades to modern toilets for bathroom renovations. For basic toilet replacing services, or something more complex like an in-wall cistern unit, we are the plumbers to call.

Professional and seamless toilet replacement

Whether you need a new toilet because your existing one is beyond repair, or for a bathroom makeover, we can handle the job from start to finish. If you have already bought a model, we will directly proceed with the installation. And if you haven’t, we can help you decide and source the best new fixture for you. We are in touch with leading suppliers and can give you access to the highest quality toilet pans and cisterns.

Our toilet replacement services can work with a range of toilet designs for residential and commercial bathrooms, including:

We complete each toilet replacing job to the highest standard for a fitting that is built to last. Before leaving we always test the new fixture to ensure everything is working as it should. With almost a decade’s worth of experience behind us, you can trust our team to provide you with only the best quality products and workmanship.

Thinking of doing a toilet replacement yourself? Think again

The idea of saving a few hundred bucks through DIY toilet installation sounds promising but comes with its own problems. Mistakes in the toilet setting up process can result in wrong fittings or loose connections. When the toilet isn’t properly secured, seated or connected, it can lead to leaking and other plumbing emergencies.

Toilet replacing is not a straightforward task and is best left to professional plumbers. Since we are familiar with the best toilet replacement practices, we are more suited for this job and can ensure accurate installations for all makes and models.

Changing a toilet is more than just taking out the old fixture and fitting in the new one. From securing and seating the fixture to the toilet seal replacing process, every step must be done skillfully to ensure a stable and functional toilet. Our knowledgeable plumbers bring in years of experience about installation techniques, so that your toilet is fitted correctly and lasts for a long time.

Get your toilet installation done right the first time and enjoy the peace of mind only professional toilet replacement services bring.

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Over 100+
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