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We provide experienced backflow device installation, testing and repairs.

We can help you take care of your backflow device installation and testing, along with any repairs you might need quickly and efficiently. Our expert tradesmen will also guide you with the legal stipulations to make the process easy and hassle-free for you.

As the leading plumbing and gas company in Perth, our local plumbers and technicians have the certification and training to carry out all your backflow testing and repairs with diligence and professionalism. Whether you have multiple backflow devices for a large scale commercial or public property or require services for individual backflow devices, we cover it all.

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Why Is Backflow Prevention Testing Important?

Backflow occurs when there is a change in the water pressure, causing the water to flow in the opposite direction in the main water supply lines. Incidents like burst or freezing pipes or a drop or an increase in water pressure can cause the water to flow backwards and lead to cross-contamination. Discoloured water and leaking pipes are common indicators of a problem with your backflow devices.

Regular backflow testing and maintenance is essential if you want to keep the water on your property safe from contamination. It is a legal requirement in Western Australia to have your backflow devices installed and tested annually.

Dirty water mixed with clean water can cause serious health problems if consumed.

Backflow prevention requires different combination valves tailored to the property needs. High-pressure water zones and commercial buildings have a higher risk of backflow than low-pressure zones.

Our qualified backflow technicians can classify the risk level of your property and install the correct backflow devices to protect it. We work under the existing industry standards and abide by the current legal regulations.

Professional Plumbers For Backflow Testing In Perth

You can trust our reliable team of plumbers to provide only the best quality of services at affordable prices. We have almost a decade of experience with backflow prevention systems of small and large scale properties. We understand the risks of carelessness when testing and installing backflow devices.

That’s why we inspect and analyse the risk level of your property first. That helps us determine the type of backflow prevention system you require. We then locate the most strategic locations to install your backflow devices to protect your property from cross-contamination.

Our plumbers are trained to work with all types of backflow devices and methods. We’re experienced with everything from break tanks to single and double-check valves and pressure vacuum breakers. Our process includes a thorough testing of your backflow devices, checking the water flow and your plumbing system for leaks or repairs. We also provide ongoing preventive maintenance , with automatic rescheduling and helpful advice to avoid backflow accidents in the future.

We can help you stay on top of the legal requirements like lodging your backflow testing certificates and any other required stipulations.


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